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About Us

The most important thing to know about us is that we are all about you and making the best websites for your small business. Our goal is to help you realize your goals and to provide you with the website that will serve you and your small business best.

We use Bootstrap, a state-of-the-art site-building framework, and integrate HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript, together with Joomla templates and modules, using these pieces like building blocks to create the website that you imagined.

If you want to know what we are about, we are about your business. What do you offer? What do you want your users to be able to do on your site?

We can:

  • Give your users well-organized, easy to find information about your business
  • Provide booking modules for your professional office, restaurant, or hotel
  • Set up staff schedules and keep them available online for their immediate reference
  • Showcase your creative work, whether it’s writing, illustration, fine arts, furniture-making, or any other craft that you sell
  • Set up a gallery for displaying testimonials, news articles, and reviews
  • And much more!

If you are a restaurant, you are not limited to taking phone reservations – we can set up a page where customers can order meals and schedule deliveries.

If you are a book or journal publisher, we can set up a lending library, provide samples for your customers to browse, and integrate an ecommerce module so your readers can purchase the books and articles that appeal to them, right on the spot. We can set up a module where your readers can review and comment on your offerings, driving purchases and rentals.

If you run a bed and breakfast, you can have a website where people can see the different rooms and check their availability, book a room online, get maps and directions to you as well as to other attractions in the area, and can communicate any special needs they have – right there online.

If you have a medical practice, your patients can book appointments, leave questions for you and your staff, request referrals, and receive test results without ever having to pick up the phone! Your patients can receive information, and your new patients can provide their medical history and insurance information in advance, cutting down on the time they have to wait between walking in the door, and seeing you, the doctor.

If you run a creative business, we can integrate your gallery with e-commerce, providing an easy way for your customers to view and purchase your goods. You can take orders on your website, and allow custom requests. If you have events, such as studio tours, we can include a calendar and a means for people to sign up.

There are dozens of ways we can help your small business thrive, using a web site with functionality you never thought you could afford. We’ll bring our expertise to help you, our client. We’ll bring our knowledge and we’ll bring our commitment. We will listen to you carefully, and come up with a plan that reflects your needs first and foremost. Based on your requirements, we will enhance our proposal with ideas gleaned from our experience of building beautiful, well-functioning websites.

We know your business is unique. We know that you are unique. We build websites that reflect the uniqueness of your business: eye-catching, practical sites that fulfil specific business needs.

We feel our work speaks for itself. If you want to know more about us, please see our demos, or come visit our website solutions page. Our work will tell you more about us than anything we can put on this page. Because when it comes down to who we are – we are all about YOU!