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For Writers

You’ve self-published your book, and you might as well have scribbled it on the bathroom wall, for all the attention it’s getting.

What can you do to get your book in front of people, being read and being talked about?

Let’s start with a website. You tell people you’ve written a book, and the first thing they want to know is, how they can look at it? You can tell them to look you up on Amazon, and that’s a fine place to have your book, but the page and the reviews and the marketing all look just like everyone else’s book. And for good reason: Amazon knows that templates and standard modules are the best way to build a web site. They just don’t have any particular interest in making your book stand out, so much as they have an interest in running a web site that can be managed simply and easily.

And you can have one too – one devoted entirely to you and your books.

You’ve surfed around enough to know that you don’t want to put up a static page with your picture, a description of the book, an image of the cover, and a link to Amazon. You can do much better than that! Now is the time to talk to about getting yourself online.

At, we’ll start with an attractive home page. Sure, it may have your book cover, your own photo, and a description. But we won’t stop there.

Using Bootstrap, a state-of-the-art web-building framework designed for professionals, we can integrate HTML, CSS3, and Javascript, together with Joomla templates and modules, to create a website geared to market and sell your book. Building on these templates and your book’s design, we’ll design an attractive home page, making sure the search engines can find it - and that’s just the start.

As an author, of course, you’ll want your website to reflect the fine typography you demanded in your book, and we can do that too.

You’ve almost certainly done other writing – we’ll be able to provide you a page where you can post your new articles, Pinterest-style! Or you can post your articles blog-style, allowing comments and ratings from your users. If you have a number of books or articles, you can request that we set you up using a library extension that will allow your users to easily locate books, and borrow a sample of them before they buy. And of course, you can sell your book right here using the e-commerce module. You might want a community of people who can sign up and discuss your books and articles, in which case we’ll install Community Builder, allowing people to register and take part in your book-based community!

For far less than your average personalized website, our programmers will build you a dynamic site that brings in visitors, showcases your writing, and provides a direct way to buy your books in print or digital format.

Live Demo coming soon.