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For Yoga Teachers

You’ve been doing Yoga for so many years now, the names of the positions sound like the names of your best friends. You’re ready to take your Yoga expertise to the next level and start teaching the art to others, but how do you get started? You’ve cleared the basement, bought mats, and worked out a schedule on paper. But how do you get the word out about your business, make the right connection with your potential customers, and get them in the door?

With a website by can build you a well-designed site using modular building blocks to give you all the functionality you need. Start with your home page, which we will design to be attractive and functional, where you can tell people the basics of your business, include a “like box” for Facebook and other social media, and provide a quick and easy way to for your website fans to email your URL to friends to bring in even more customers.

Attractive, functional navigation buttons bring your visitor to the rest of the site. On one page, you can show your class schedule and offerings, either as a list or as a monthly calendar. On another page, your clients can sign up for classes and pay using an integrated ecommerce module. And is looking out for you to make sure that all your class registrations are valid, by installing a feature that will keep the web bots away.

Maybe you’re thinking of adding some classes, but you don’t know whether your clientele would rather have you branch out into Zumba, or if there’s a greater demand for more intermediate or advanced Yoga classes? Test the market with a poll, and find out what your customers really want and need from you.

To encourage and build business, you might consider offering a user point system for signups and referrals. That would be a lot to manage on your own, but with an extension to your web site, it’s easy to assign, track, and use points to offer discounts to your most regular clients and your most active promoters!

And what good yoga studio doesn’t offer a newsletter of special events, interesting information, and special-offer coupons to keep your clients engaged and interested? can set up your website so people can sign up for an email newsletter, and can even provide tools to help you create and manage your mailing list.

Teaching Yoga is an excellent business you can run from your home. All you need is the knowledge you already have, a place to give your classes, and a good website that not only gets your name out there, but allows today’s web-based clientele to interact with you and your business right there on line. Put yourself in the right position by getting a well-designed site from with all the functionality you need to help your business take off. With building your site for you, you can relax and just….breathe.

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