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For Performers

You know you’re good. You listen to people who’ve made it professionally, and you know you’re just as good – better, darn it!

How do you get the coverage you need to show your talent to the world, to get the attention, the bookings, the backing to record?

The world has changed. Talent scouts aren’t going to show up at your local show any more, looking for brilliance to come shining through. There are just too many places to go, too many performers, too many people making it easy to find them – without having to leave the comfort of their office.

That guy – you know the one, you performed with him a dozen times, and each time you thought, “I’m so much better than that” – well, that guy just made his first CD. His first professional CD. His first CD that he didn’t have to pay for. How did he do that? Well, he’s got a nephew. A pretty talented nephew who can do web sites. Maybe they’re not the best web sites, but they’re pretty good. The design isn’t a turn-off. The navigation is pretty straightforward. You can listen to that guy’s music on it, or at least, you can listen to the three songs he’s got that are worth listening to.

And here’s the important part: the signing agent doesn’t need to leave his or her office, go sit in a bar that smells of spilled beer and sweat in order to listen to that guy. He just needs to log onto the web site.

You might have a nephew who can do a site like this. You probably do. If not a nephew, then maybe a best friend, or the cousin of a best friend, or your kid’s teacher, or someone who can put together a few inoffensive HTML pages that play a few of your songs. You might even be able to hire that guy’s nephew.

Or, you can come see us at, and get a web site that will really get attention!

Our web sites are not put together by amateurs. They are compiled by professionals, using top-level programming and applications specifically geared to promoting your work. Using the most up-to-date content management systems, and the best-designed apps in the business, we can put together a beautifully designed web site that does more than look beautiful – it offers you functionality you’ll never get from that guy’s nephew.

Using Bootstrap, a state-of-the-art web-building framework designed for professionals, we can integrate HTML, CSS3, and Javascript to create a dynamic site that leads your viewers along from your personal introduction to the media player. Using Joomla to integrate applications, your viewer can start with the biography module to get to know you better, listen to your music using the media player application, and best of all, use eShop, Joomla’s eCommerce extension, to purchase your music.

While the agent is still wondering how best to sell that guy’s music, that he put so much money into producing, you’ll be selling your music directly to listeners.

Sure, you can spend a few hundred dollars paying that guy’s nephew to put together a cute little web site where people can look at your picture and play a little bit of your music. But if you want to make a real splash, contact, get a professional on the job, and make sure your music gets out there where it can make you some real money – and help you establish the radio reputation you need to get yourself sold where it counts!

Live Demo coming soon.