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For Restaurants

You’ve got a restaurant that’s been a success around town for a bunch of years. It’s been a favorite around town as long as you can remember...

You grew up with it. Your family practically lived there. It was your first after-school job. It’s still your job, and you’re mighty proud of what you do there. You make the best food of its sort around. You’re practically an institution around town. People wait for an hour for one of your tables on a Friday night.

But you’re facing a couple of problems.

You need more room. It’s time to grow your business, but you can’t lease any more space, and things are crowded as it is. A web site might help, but the other problem is Dad, who doesn’t see the point of having a web site at all. You’ve tried to tell him that with a web site, you’ll be able to fill more orders, hire a delivery service, take orders on line, and best of all, get paid.

But web sites don’t come cheap, as Dad points out. You can put thousands of dollars into them – and that’s just if you hire your next-door neighbor’s kid – and all you’ve got is an online advertisement that only a very few people will see.

And the worst of it is, Dad’s probably right. So what are you going to do?

You can come see us at, for an attractive, professional site that even Dad will approve of.

For a fraction of the price of the usual web site, our programmers will build you a dynamic site that brings in visitors, and then leads them from your mouth-watering home page to the menu itself.

Using Bootstrap, a state-of-the-art web-building framework designed for professionals, we can integrate HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, together with Joomla templates, to create a unique and irresistible web site. Our excellent designers will build on these templates to create a scrumptiously appealing home page, a menu and ordering module, a commenting module, and much more! We can put in a reservation system, and even invite your patrons to order ahead of time. Our programmers will make sure your site is seen by search engines, and your excellent ratings will ensure that your restaurant is the restaurant of choice. You can include a delivery module of your own, or integrate with existing food delivery businesses.

Come see us, and then go talk to Dad – we think he’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Live Demo coming soon.