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For Hotels

There’s a woman and she travels for business. Always. It’s constant. Every time she turns around she’s expecting to book another trip. She’s pretty tired of it. Not another one, she’s thinking.

She’s on the phone all day. She’s talking about training paradigms and engagement models, and on top of all that, she has to travel again, and she just doesn’t want to. If she has to travel, she sends up a small wish, she can only hope it will be as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

Typically, she will go to one of the plethora of booking services online, one of the dozens of sites where she can book her airplane, rental car, and hotel room all at once. It’s not exactly easy, as she waits for the site to collect information from a dozen airlines and twenty hotels. But it is all in one place, and as far as she’s concerned, that’s a big plus. The problem for you is, you’ve spent a lot of time with her, providing excellent hotel services, ensuring her comfort as she travels to all the major cities in the world, making sure she has a home away from home wherever she may be.

But you can offer her an alternative to those anonymous sites. If you build your site with us, she can go right to your hotel site where she can view rooms, see the services and amenities available at that location, book the room she wants for as long as she wants, use a discount coupon if she has one – possibly using a different language and currency than that where the hotel is located. She can book a taxi to get to and from the hotel, and by integrating with a travel agency’s web site, you can offer her the whole package, from airline tickets to the hotel, to ground transportation. In addition, the software will offer you services she never will need to see, programs that help you track your properties, your bookings, your staff, your discounts, your repeat customers, and booking and customer analysis.

Our sites, which are built using Bootstrap, a state-of-the-art web-building framework designed for professionals, integrate HTML, CSS3, and Javascript right from the start, together with Joomla templates and open-source content management, to create a unique and fully-functional web site. Our excellent designers will build on these templates to create a luxurious, relaxing home page, irresistible photos of your amenities and dining services, and an extensible booking module using Joomla’s embedded modules and administrative systems, allowing you to offer your customers a range of services no other site.

Our programmers will use SEO Boss or EFSEO, both free Joomla extensions, to make sure your site is seen by search engines, and your excellent ratings will ensure that your hotel is the first stop for your customer when she’s booking a trip. With Joomla architecture, integrating with flight booking services or travel agencies is well within your reach.

Why lose your hard-won customers to anonymous sites where a tired traveler can book end-to-end – as long as she’s not to be picky about where she stays or who she travels with? With us, you can offer her favorite hotel, at the best prices, with all the supporting services she needs for a successful business trip!

Live Demo coming soon.