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For Doctors

The phone never stops ringing, the paperwork never stops piling up, and your staff are overwhelmed. You have twelve phone calls to return, and every one is a patient with a concern you take seriously.

You have patients in the hospital and you haven’t heard from your hospitaller yet, and your nurse practitioner hasn’t shown up. How will you deal with all of this, and still be the health-care provider you want to be, taking time with your patients and communicating with them, as well as with your staff?

For you, a website is not just a marketing tool – it’s an administrative necessity. can show you how setting up the right web site will make it possible to sort out all the threads of your business and be the doctor you planned to be when you went to medical school.

Using Bootstrap, a state-of-the-art web-building framework designed for professionals, we can integrate HTML, CSS3/SASS, and Javascript, together with Joomla templates and modules, to create a website that allows your patients to book their appointments online, ask you questions, get test results, and submit the insurance information they forgot to bring to their last appointment. They can fill in their medical history online before they even come in for their appointment. They can even pay their bills online using our e-commerce module.

To make administration easier, you can view your patients’ history and other information using the built-in database. You can track your staff, their schedules and their contact information. You can keep track of internal issues as needed. You can keep track of supplies for reordering.

The question of whether or not you can afford a website with this much functionality is easily answered: first of all, can build it for you for less money than you ever imagined, and secondly, you can’t afford not to have it!

Live Demo coming soon.